Gut Microbiota in ITP

This study through Peking University is a observational and prospective study to explore the diagnostic and therapeutic value of the gut microbiome in newly diagnosed ITP patients who qualify for first line corticosteroid treatment. The goal is to access the predictive value of the baseline gut microbiome for corticosteroid (GC) resistance/relapse and will (1) collect fecal samples from ITP patients at initial diagnosis (baseline) and after first-line GC treatment, (2) detect the composition of gut microbiome and related metabolites using metagenomic sequencing combined with metabolomics, (3) observe the impact of first-line treatment on gut microbiome, (4) explore the significance of gut microbiome in the diagnosis of ITP, and (5) identify the predictive value of baseline gut microbiome for GC resistance/relapse, thus to provide new ideas for clinical diagnosis and treatment of ITP. Participation is restricted to those who are over the age of 18 years and have a confirmed diagnosis of primary ITP.


Status: Recruiting

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