Once you’ve been diagnosed with ITP, the primary goal is to develop the best treatment plan with your hematologist to control your symptoms and help you feel better. If you’re experiencing only mild bruising and petechiae, your doctor may simply wait on beginning any treatment and watch your condition over a period of time. If your symptoms are more severe, prompt treatment may be recommended to raise your platelet counts to lower the chance of uncontrolled bleeding. While there is no cure for ITP, many patients find their platelet count improves following treatment.

Conventional Treatments

There are many treatment options to control the symptoms and complications of ITP—and many more are being developed. The key to getting the best results is working closely with your doctor to find the treatment that works best for you with the least possible side effects.

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Complementary Treatments

While numerous conventional treatment options may be recommended to treat ITP—and new medications continue to be developed—many look to complementary medicine approaches to help manage symptoms and enhance their quality of life.

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Adverse Event Reporting

If you or a loved one experience a serious adverse event from a treatment, it’s important to file a report with MedWatch: the FDA’s Safety Information and Adverse Event Reporting Program. You can make a report and notify the FDA of side effects, quality problems or other serious issues by completing an adverse reporting form. It is important to note that non-response to a treatment should not be reported as an adverse event.

Treatment Resources

Since 1998, PDSA has been proud to provide valuable information for those who care for ITP patients and their families, including treatment guidelines, journal articles and patient booklets.

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Important Outside Influences

There are many well-known causes of substance-induced thrombocytopenia, or a low-platelet level and associated bleeding. Understanding what can cause a low platelet count can help those with ITP manage their platelet production, or ease symptoms for those whose low count is caused by outside influences.

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