November 20, 2001

Platelet e-news – November 20, 2001


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We’re taking the Fall newsletter to the printer tomorrow and sending it next week. It is 16 pages, longer than any previous newsletter, thanks to our sponsors and volunteers.

The newsletter will include the following: Highlights from the ITP Conference 2001:Part 2, Lara’s Story: Using Traditional Chinese Medicine to Treat ITP – Part 2; Abstracts of Interest, Your Questions Answered, In the News, and more….Message from the President, Letters, Tip from the Platelet Buddy, Information about the conference….

Our newsletter is sent to everyone who contributes at least $25 per year to PDSA. For more information and to join PDSA go to You can join on-line or send a check or credit card number to PDSA, P.O. Box 61533, Potomac, MD 20859


Register Now! Our ITP Conference 2002 will be held at the San Diego Marriott Mission Valley, San Diego, CA, June 21-23, 2002. The cost is $75 for non-members and $65 for members. Register before March 31, 2002 and receive a $10 discount. The Friday evening meeting is an additional $15. You can register and find the latest conference information at It will be an exciting time! 


Dr. James Bussel, Buzz (our VP and survey statistician) and I met to review the preliminary results. We agreed there is tremendous promise to increase the knowledge about ITP treatments with the data we are collecting. We will do a short presentation at Dr. Robert McMillan’s ITP study group meeting at the ASH conference in early December.

We will remove the survey from the web site at the end of this year so we can analyze the results. If you haven’t done so, be sure to take the survey. Every answer counts.


In each issue, the Hem/Onc Today magazine presents a diagnostic quiz. In the November, 2001 issue they described a woman, heavy drinker, who came to her physician with a mouth full of petechiae, extensive bruising and a low platelet count. Sound familiar?

After many tests she was diagnosed with ethanol-induced thrombocytopenia. Her alcohol intake had suppressed her bone marrow function and she wasn’t making very many platelets.

According to the author, Franklin Bunn, MD, “The most common causes of decreased production of platelets include drugs, particular chemotherapeutic agents…, and toxins, the most common of which is ethanol.

For a list of substances that could cause problems for people with ITP see


MacroGenics, a new company in Rockville, MD is developing a promising antibody therapy. “The antibody we're engineering has 10,000 times more potency compared to IVIg, claims MacroGenics' CEO and president Dr. Scott Koenig, based on animal studies. In addition, he says, the company's product presumably will be safer and cheaper than IVIg and may work in patients for whom IVIg fails. It probably will be administered as a shot, rather than as an intravenous infusion like IVIg, which can take several hours, he adds.”

For more information see: (Thanks to John for sending us this news item)


Dr. Claude Lenfant, NHLBI Director stated that the NHLBI (National Heart Lung and Blood Institute) is operating under a continuing resolution until Congress approves the budget. Regarding the FY 2003 budget, Dr. Lenfant stated that President Bush has publicly committed to complete the plan to double the NIH budget that was initiated during the previous administration. For more information see: 

(NHLBI is the institute at the NIH that funds ITP research)


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Get Well International is a company with over 40 years of research in its products by medical doctors and master herbalists. Dr. Ba Hoang’s medical thesis was on ITP. His supplements Blood-Well and Restor-Immune for ITP have been used successfully for many years. A healthy balanced body produces normal platelet counts. Many users of this program report less bruising, more energy, and platelet increase within 2-3 weeks. It is very cost effective and has had almost no side effects like the normal drug therapies. Information and testimonials can be found at or leave a message at 1-888-522-4372.

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