When you have ITP, you can often feel very alone. Fortunately, the PDSA community is here to offer the guidance and support you need. As the premier resource for you or your loved one, we provide invaluable ways to connect with others to empower you for a healthy tomorrow.

ITP Patient ConnectSM

As PDSA’s exclusive multifunctional network, ITP Patient ConnectSM connects patients and caregivers face-to-face, via telephone and online. ITP Patient ConnectSM is an integral component for navigating daily living with ITP.

Support Groups

Although a diagnosis of ITP is rare, you’re not alone. PDSA Support Groups across the United States and Canada are there for anyone looking for support in coping with ITP—and new groups continue to form. 

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The International ITP Alliance is an intercontinental partnership of ITP patient support and advocacy organizations and grassroots patient groups committed to education, awareness and establishing a global voice for immune thrombocytopenia patients.

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Discussion Group

Get involved with the PDSA community through online discussions created just for you.

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ITP Conference

Each year the ITP conference provides opportunities to hear the latest information about ITP, meet others who are coping and living with ITP and receive answers to your medical questions.

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Personal Stories

It’s been said that stories help conquer fear. At PDSA, we’re committed to telling personal stories from ITP patients, their families and those who treat them to increase knowledge, ease anxiety and provide hope.

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Social Media Network

Get involved with our social community of engaged followers and influencers who serve as a vital resource in connecting others, sharing information and promoting awareness and advocacy online.

Poke-R Club for Kids

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To help kids facing the trials associated with managing their ITP and the extreme fear of injections or needles—or “needle phobia”— that often results from treatments, PDSA has developed the ITP POKE~R CLUBSM. Designed to bring hope to kids coping with chronic ITP, the POKE-R CLUB is an exclusive free clinical support program for PDSA members in the United States and Canada.

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Assistance Programs

To help those with ITP, PDSA provides some basic facts on Health Insurance and Assistance Programs to help navigate the often challenging and ever changing healthcare landscape. While we don’t have all of the answers and daily changes in today’s world of healthcare can present new questions, we’re dedicated to offering help, guidance and hope regarding your care options surrounding the many uncertainties of a chronic illness.

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Additional Resources:
  • FundFinder – financial assistance search tool
  • NeedyMeds – treatment and healthcare cost savings program

College Scholarship Program

The PDSA College Scholarship Program provides financial assistance to senior high school students, college students or adults interested in continuing education who suffer from ITP or a similar inherited or non-inherited platelet disorder.

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Caregiver Support

To help those caring for a loved one with ITP, PDSA provides helpful tips and information to make navigating the journey less overwhelming. Because we know ITP caregivers are special and need attention also to ensure the best care for your ITP loved one.

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