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Chicago, IL


Welcome Everyone!!

Our meeting schedule is as follows:

April 10, 2021
July 10, 2021
November 6, 2021


All meetings are held on Saturdays, and will be from 10:30am-12:30pm, unless otherwise noted.
Be sure to watch your email or our website in case any changes are made to the support group meetings.

2nd Anniversary meeting in November 2009 at Gino's East Chicago.


Be sure to visit our website LIKE our Facebook page, or follow us on Twitter (@ChicagoITP)!

Twitter: @ChicagoITP
nstagram: chicagoitpsupport

Join the ITP Awareness cause:

Contact us at:


Trish Beattie Santaromana 


The contact information in this section is provided as a service EXCLUSIVELY to patients and families. IT IS NOT TO BE USED FOR COMMERCIAL GAIN IN ANY FORM OR FOR ANY OTHER PURPOSE UNLESS STATED IN WRITING FROM PDSA. Interested parties other than patients and families should contact for more information.