Retired teacher and 10-year-old girl form special bond during medical treatments

"It's called the Survivorship program. Susan visits the Roger Maris Cancer Center four days a week, providing an escape for patients receiving treatments. Which is how she met 10-year-old Megan Hillman.

"Megan and I fell in love right away and the minute I met Megan I knew I had someone really special," said Susan Kolstad.

These two spend hours together creating beautiful arts and crafts while Megan receives her treatments.

"My spleen is enlarged and my spleen is eating up my platelets," explained Megan Hillman.

Megan has a disorder called ITP, it's not cancer, but it does require her to get regular treatments. Something that would be pretty dang scary if Susan wasn't there."

- By Tyler Ziegler for WDAY News.  Photo courtesy WDAY News.

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