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  • porqupine
06 Apr 2023 10:54
skin tag removal was created by porqupine
i to get a few skin tags i want to get removed my count is 23 is this a good idea .that count is normal for me 
  • mrsb04
07 Apr 2023 03:43 
@Reeves29928 There are lots more treatment options see the link above. 
  • CindyL
07 Apr 2023 09:31
Replied by CindyL on topic skin tag removal
Have you considered the over-the-counter skin tag removers?  My husband has used them in the past.
  • JJ
07 Apr 2023 17:13
You need to see a haematologist who is experienced in treating ITP because it's not normal protocol to do platelet transfusions for ITP. In fact it can make the situation worse as it makes the body do everything it can to eliminate the new platelets. Good luck.
  • porqupine
07 Apr 2023 17:51
Replied by porqupine on topic skin tag removal
i thought of it but because of my itp i decided not to
  • mrsb04
08 Apr 2023 04:54 - 18 Apr 2023 01:51
Count now 134. Avatrombopag reduced to every 3rd day
  • CindyL
08 Apr 2023 10:11
Wow!  That's a good count, but I know you're more comfortable in the 50 range.
Happy Easter!
  • dmsec
08 Apr 2023 13:52
Replied by dmsec on topic Medical mystery seeking advice
Hello, sorry I missed this email this week.  Because she has some symptoms and no doctor (including 4 major medical centers) has said that she has ITP, we don't want to assume that ITP is the answer.  Idiopathic makes it sounds like the doctors know something when they really have no answer.  I had Idiopathic sinusitis for years until one doctor finally figured it out.  I came to this forum hoping that others might have physician recommendations or may have a similar experience and even possibly a direction that we could follow. We are all in the same or similar boat looking for any guidance or clues that others may have figured out.  Thank you all for at least replying.
  • Reeves29928
08 Apr 2023 20:49
Thank you for your response. We do have a benign hematologist making the decisions. They are transfusing platelets due to the GI bleed. They do not last long but they are buying time waiting for something to work.
  • MelA
09 Apr 2023 00:06
Replied by MelA on topic Medical mystery seeking advice
Do you know the number of her platelet counts?  Like mine were 11,000 & dropping when diagnosed - since then they have been all over the place, going in the normal range a few times.   We like to see numbers.

What do you mean by "lower by percent than they should be" ?
  • MelA
09 Apr 2023 00:07
Well that is much better mrsb !!
Hope that new count is just as good or even better!!
  • MelA
09 Apr 2023 14:42
Replied by MelA on topic skin tag removal
What does your hematologist say??

Don't know what my count was, it was not 23k though but I've had a melanoma removed from forearm, a biopsy & then MOHS surgery on my nose, a couple things frozen all in the past 3 years.  My only problem was due to the thin arm skin from prednisone & age, one of the stitches tore the skin.  
  • MelA
09 Apr 2023 14:49
Replied by MelA on topic Blood work
Cindy can you get into an endocrinologist sooner??   I'd much rather have a specialist than a regular MD take care of something that isn't their norm!   My endo always feels my neck/thyroid area when I see her.  

I've been on thyroid med, oh gosh has it been since 2002?   Anyway we have to tweak my med every so often, and I pay a lot since I have to have the brand name not the generic. 

That is a long time to wait for an ultra sound - and here I thought waiting a month to see a physical therapist was bad.
I'm sorry - is there a cancellation list they can put you on to get in sooner if someone cancels an appointment?
Hang in there - I know it isn't fun if the thyroid is out of whack!
  • MelA
09 Apr 2023 14:54
You did not see this new gp/gastroenterologist in person?

A wise doctor told me many years ago:   "Nothing is non-toxic to everyone"
I say that goes for natural stuff too - natural doesn't mean it is ok for everyone.
  • porqupine
10 Apr 2023 08:16
Replied by porqupine on topic skin tag removal
i do not have a hematologist and now they have laser removal just not sure if it will affect my itp
  • CindyL
10 Apr 2023 10:13
Replied by CindyL on topic Blood work
Mel, the pandemic really messed with our medical system.  Plus we have a Premier who doesn't want to pay the nurses what they are worth.  Just a few months ago, the nurses went on strike for a couple of weeks over asking for a one percent wage increase and our Premier said no.  Then he gave himself and the party a 5% increase.
Cathy says even getting into a specialist can take a while.  She has the same issues when she books appointments with specialists.
Our wait times for almost everything is behind right now.  Things are starting to get better, but it is slow.
This is my 3rd doctor since having thyroid issues.  The one who diagnosed me couldn't believe I walked into his office under my own steam.  He said most people with counts as low as mine were would be in the hospital.  I was under control for a long time.  It's just the last couple of years that it's acting up this bad.
  • tonymarinello
10 Apr 2023 12:16
Blood Blister was created by tonymarinello
Who has had a blood blister in their mouth from low platelets??
  • mrsb04
10 Apr 2023 13:55 - 10 Apr 2023 13:55
Replied by mrsb04 on topic Blood Blister
What count are you defining as low?  If mine is in single figures I always get oral blood blisters.  
  • MelA
10 Apr 2023 23:58
Replied by MelA on topic Blood work
Oh Cindy I am sorry!  Do you mean you are hypOthyroid now?  (low counts would mean hypERthyroid - and when I'm hyperT I could have danced a jig & done cartwheels going into the office)

You didn't have to change brands of your thyroid med right?  

Shame on Mr. Trudeau, the nurses are the backbone of medical care and are not paid enough for what they do!!   But it did not surprise me to hear he gave himself a 5% increase.
  • tonymarinello
11 Apr 2023 10:01 - 11 Apr 2023 10:03
Nutrition and Platelets was created by tonymarinello
Hello All .  . . I am a ITP patient for 13 years. And I was recently (January) diagnosed with AML (Acute Myeloid Leukemia). I am on Vidaza and Venclexta treatment for the last three months and my bloodwork has gone down drastically. I get transfusions 2 times a week for platelets and once a month for hemoglobin. All of doctors and "experts" say you really cannot raise platelets (or any blood counts by eating differently)  by eating differently. Is this true. And , if so, what can I do to raise my platelets. They are constantly in the teens and 20's.. . .sometimes single digits.  My white blood count is .7 (That's point 7 not the whole number seven) and my hemoglobin is 8.6.
  • CindyL
11 Apr 2023 10:04
Replied by CindyL on topic Blood work
Right now I seem to be yo-yoing.  Too high one test, too low the next.  Right now I am on Sythroid, but have also been on Levothyroxin.  I've been on the Synthroid for years now.  The doses change of course.
It's not PM Trudeau who doesn't care.  Like you guys in the States with State Governors, up here we have Provincial Premiers.  Joe Biden is your President and Justin Trudeau is our Prime Minister.
Trudeau tried to give the Provinces extra money toward the health care system, but our Premier said no, we didn't need it.  This is the same man who took my care giver extra money away when his party got in to run my Province.  Shortly after that, he gave himself a raise.  I didn't take mum in to get money; she had already been living with us long before that program was put in place, but it did help.
  • midwest6708
11 Apr 2023 10:14
Replied by midwest6708 on topic Blood Blister
I've had them with counts below 30.
  • midwest6708
11 Apr 2023 10:22
Replied by midwest6708 on topic Nutrition and Platelets
I haven't found anything I ingest makes any difference in my platelet counts.  
Wishing you well in dealing with the recent diagnosis.  
  • porqupine
11 Apr 2023 16:03
Replied by porqupine on topic Nutrition and Platelets
i havent found anything to raise my count either (23) good luck 
  • mrsb04
12 Apr 2023 05:36
Replied by mrsb04 on topic Nutrition and Platelets
Sorry to hear about the diagnosis of AML.
There is no definitive proof of food raising platelet counts.
Have your medics considered TPORAs to try raising your platelet count, and iron infusion for your anaemia? 
  • sneakerlrw
12 Apr 2023 09:13
I wanted to provide a quick update since my posting 6 months ago. (I am not sure if I am doing this correctly.) As a caution, I do not have ITP. I have CTP, a cycling platelet disorder of unknown origin. However, some of my problem overlaps with ITP. Since I last posted, my cycling platelet problem continues unchanged. I am supported by platelet transfusions when my count is under 10 and falling. During the past six months, I met with a doctor from one of the teaching hospitals close to me. Without getting into a lot of detail (other than my situation is not cancerous), he made a suggestion that I try a low dose of methotrexate which I have started today. (I did come across one article: "Methotrexate as a Promising Treatment for Immune Thrombocytopenia", that deals with a few refractory ITP patients that were treated with methotrexate with good results. Methotrexate doesn't seem to come up in discussion on the ITP website so I assume that it is not used often?). Platelet boosting drugs are still off of the table for me due to my high platelet peaks during my 7 week cycle. Also, I was taking Amicar as a backup when I was low in platelets. I lost insurance coverage for the drug. He suggested that I try TXA and the TXA has worked great (for me). That is pretty much where I am currently.

I appreciate having the opportunity to post to this board. I realize that my situation is different than ITP. However, there are people that visit this board in search of information that might apply to them. In my case, I was able to link up with another individual with CTP. An exchange of information between our doctors helped establish my initial care program. I am thankful. 
  • hanauc
12 Apr 2023 18:11
I was diagnosed in 2012, was on watch for several years. In 2016 platelets at 4. Steroids ineffective. Started Nplate and simultaneously treated an H Pylori infection so not sure which treatment worked but I went into remission.  Consulted with Dr David Kuter who suggested taper Nplate after 6 months. Have been in remission ever since with platelets in 200 range. Are NSAIDS contraindicated for life? I’m having surgery and protocol is to take NSAIDS for pain unless contraindicated.
  • Margaret
14 Apr 2023 02:51
I asked my haematologist this just today. He considered it fine for me to take them, and I'm currently at 120
  • hanauc
14 Apr 2023 07:00
Thank you so much for answering my question. I also finally heard from my Dr. I had asked because I am having major surgery and surgeon wants me to takes NSAIDS postop for pain. I was told OK to take them for short term such as post surgery or occasional such as for headache. Shout out toPDSA for making this forum available!
  • dmurashi09
16 Apr 2023 10:47
In 2017 I had both of my hips resurfaced which differs from THR in that they femoral head is capped with the ball and stem rather than removing the femoral head. Acetabular prosthesis is essentially the same as THR. About a year until full recovery but I was doing pretty much all of my normal activities at 6 months.  I was diagnosed with ITP in 2011, took steroids for about 3 months and went into remission until Nov of 2022 when I relapsed.  I had normal CBCs for 5 years post surgeries. All the information I've found says there's no link between metal or polyethylene joints and ITP.  
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