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  • Sandi
20 Jan 2010 22:11
Replied by Sandi on topic Whats going to happen to the old forum
Hi Jen! My understanding is that it will be phased out. The most important thing about the Forum is the people; we will still have those! :woohoo:
  • eklein
20 Jan 2010 22:21
Replied by eklein on topic colonoscopy
My doctor would do it at that count, maybe you could call some other doctors and see. Mine wanted to do it in a hospital setting if my counts were low (but they weren't, so I did the regular office one).
  • dots
20 Jan 2010 23:29
Replied by dots on topic Whats going to happen to the old forum
Do you know if we'll have access to it somehow? There's excellent information in the kids' section (probably in the adult section too, but I never visit there). Might we be able to have access to the archived stuff through a password?
  • Sandi
20 Jan 2010 23:41
Replied by Sandi on topic Whats going to happen to the old forum
I'm not sure, but I doubt it. When it's gone, it's gone. The information will build here fast, I'm sure. Plus, everyone is pretty quick with responses.
  • Angel85
21 Jan 2010 05:22
Platelet Update was created by Angel85

Just thought I'd share my happy news, I just got my latest blood count results back and they are up to 76, I am still on 40mg of pred a day and i have another blood test next week, and then i see the doctor again the week after that, so i am feeling very positive and happy right now. I am almost certain now that the urine infection i had made my platelets drop so low. :)
  • lili
21 Jan 2010 09:46
Replied by lili on topic Platelet Update
Congrats! It's always nice when your platelets go up. :) Hope the trend continues.

  • youngjoan
21 Jan 2010 12:01
Replied by youngjoan on topic Whats going to happen to the old forum
The old forum will be switched to 'read-only' mode in a few weeks, depending on speed of the transition. It will then be available for a year or more so that people can read the prior posts. This is the same procedure we used when transitioning from the first discussion group to the current one.

If you have ideas on how to make the transition go more smoothly, please send Sandi or me an e-mail.

  • youngjoan
21 Jan 2010 12:04
Replied by youngjoan on topic Hi

Welcome to the new group. It does take a little getting used to, but pretty easy once you figure it out....Any help you can provide to others is welcome....Joan
  • julia
21 Jan 2010 12:10
Replied by julia on topic Hi
Hi Debbie & Joan, thought i better try it out before the other closes down! I feel very Autistic for the change at the moment. :ohmy:
  • tigereyes
21 Jan 2010 15:56
Rhema Appt was created by tigereyes
Im not sure where to post this since there is no longer a topic for Lupus. But Ill post here either way. I met when the new rhema today and I really liked her. She has been the first dr to ask me whats going on. She sat and spoke with me for over an hr. She thinks that I do have lupus and its smoldering as she put it for the past 3 yrs with the other 2 drs treating my symptoms (not very well in her opinion). She doesnt think I should be on this high of a dose of pred. Shes worried about osteoperosis. Doesnt feel that the dose of cellcept that I am on is really doing what it needs to do--the dose is too low. She would like to switch me over to Imuran--but this all depends on my liver enzymes and this will be gradual start with a low dose imuran and taper out the cellcept. So far my joints look good, nothing inflamed--but thats due to the prednisone. She ordered a whole battery of bloodwork, to get her baseline. But overall Im very happy with her and how she works. Of course she will be calling my hema and discussing everything with him and getting his opinion prior to do anything. Either way I have some kind of autoimmnue stuff going on, even if its not lupus she still wants to follow me.
21 Jan 2010 16:15
Replied by on topic Rhema Appt
Glad to hear you like your new rheumatologist - and great to hear she will be in touch with your hematologist, good for her!
  • tigereyes
21 Jan 2010 16:20
Replied by tigereyes on topic colonoscopy
It all depends on what the doctor is comfortable with. I had a count of 80, the GI doctor said that if there were any polups or anything he needed to remove he wouldnt feel comfortable doing it with a count of 80. They had platelets on standby. What about possibly getting some IVIG to get your counts up prior to the colonoscopy? I was monitored for bleeding for about 8 hrs prior to them letting me go home.
  • tigereyes
21 Jan 2010 16:24
Replied by tigereyes on topic Whats going to happen to the old forum
Is there a place to put a signature? I cant seem to find it if there is.

  • annette
21 Jan 2010 16:34
Replied by annette on topic colonoscopy
My GI doctor said he would do it if my count were over 50K. The pred I took before the procedure actually pushed it over 100K.
  • youngjoan
21 Jan 2010 18:04
Replied by youngjoan on topic Whats going to happen to the old forum
Your username will appear in the box to the right. Is that what you mean by a signature?
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