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Searched for: amox
07 Mar 2010 00:57
  • Melinda
  • Melinda's Avatar
When you stop to think about it there isn't one treatment that should be taken lightly.

I had a reaction like Sandi had, serum sickness - only mine wasn't to Rituxan as I have never had it, mine was to amoxicillin. Anything you put in your body has the potential to cause a reaction.

I hope Molly's count will stay up there mom - hopefully she will level out at a decent count!
22 Apr 2010 19:17
  • Sandi
  • Sandi
Hmmm...don't know. I've taken both Keflex and Cipro with no platelet drop. Amoxicillin always does me in. I haven't had a tetnus since the 80's and probably won' never know what might happen with ITP.

How is the hand?
12 May 2010 13:03
  • isaacsmom
  • isaacsmom
He bounced around for a good long while... They went up at first, then came back down. Occasionally there are still drops, but not to treatment levels. I haven't had him tested since last May (holy cow!). I may call and get a count done soon, just as a 1 year count, but also because I am seeing a bunch of bruises on his legs that could be normal bruises, but they kind of freak me out. Below are his counts. I commented when anything was out of the ordinary as he seemed to get an increase in platelet count any time he was sick. I sure hope this is Caitlin's remission!

9/25/2006 48 Rituxan
10/2/2006 148 Rituxan
10/9/2006 130 Rituxan
10/16/2006 91 Rituxan
10/30/2006 57
11/13/2006 112 Just ended amox for 10 days
11/27/2006 27
12/13/2006 226
1/2/2007 385
1/26/2007 59
2/13/2007 235
3/20/2007 186
4/20/2007 48
5/10/2007 110
5/20/2007 123 strep throat, amox
6/20/2007 113
7/25/2007 95
9/5/2007 68
10/3/2007 75
10/25/2007 119
12/12/2007 238 cold
2/14/2008 140
5/1/2008 171
8/21/2008 125
2/26/2009 247
5/27/2009 256
20 May 2010 06:34
  • cchucky51
  • cchucky51
has any had any luck with finding some thing to help with a sinus infection that doesn't hurt your counts
i can't seem to take any antibioctics like amoxicillin it just kills my counts
but i seem to get these things twice a yr and they last for ever
any info would be great :unsure: :unsure:
20 May 2010 18:52
  • Sandi
  • Sandi
I'm down to using Cipro because I can't take many of the antibiotics. It is strong, but doesn't affect my counts. Amoxicillin always caused a drop for me.
15 Jul 2010 17:09
  • dondude
  • dondude
Angelina started complaining about a sore tooth. Doctor hasn't allowed her to go to the dentist for fear of bleeding gums. Took her to dentist and she has abscessed tooth that needs to be pulled. Her count is still 3000. Doc doesn't want tooth pulled? She is on her 6th treatment of nplate. Now doc wants her to get ivig next Monday then start her on prednisone to get her count up. She has no bleeding problems just bruises easy. As a parent i see no other option but to pull tooth. She is on amoxicillin till next Friday to kill infected tooth. Pain from toothache makes her cry and not want to eat. Anyone else have any experience with this sort of problem?
22 Jul 2010 19:54
  • NatalieM
  • NatalieM
Just found out today that I have strep throat! How awful! My throat is so swollen I can barely swallow. The worst part? I'm on VACATION in Hilton Head Island, hours from home. I went to a Doctor's Care facility today and had it confirmed. I told the dr. that I had ITP. His response was, "oh. ok" I didn't want to seem condescending so I didn't go into it further. I just told him that I would not get his high dose of penicillin filled, but rather call my hemo. She prescribed some sort of amoxycillan and some Magic Mouthwash that numbs my throat. They called it into a pharmacy here. I am praying that this doesn't make my counts plummet. Hoping that the amoxy that I am on will not make them go down. I feel like I caught onto the sickness quick enough. My throat started hurting last night and I wasted no time to go see a dr. My hemo always said, "if you feel even the slightest bit sick, you need to tell me so we can treat. A virus or infection would DEVASTATE your platelets." I am praying that this won't do that. Ugh. I feel disgusting and the whole "ITP THING" is in the back of my mind, as it always is.

25 Jul 2010 17:55
  • Bunnie
  • Bunnie
In a small percentage of Strep infections, they are also accompanied by a "strep" rash, I've had them twice on the neck and throat but a quick google search show thems on the extremities. (Slide 12) Scarlet Fever
Scarlet fever is simply strep throat with a rash. Symptoms include sore throat, fever, headache, abdominal pain, and swollen neck glands. After 1-2 days, a red rash with a sandpaper texture appears, after 7-14 days, the rash sloughs off. Scarlet fever is very contagious, but good hand washing can reduce its spread.

Can you get a CBC locally if you need to? I drop when I take Amoxicyllin but will typically bounce back after I run the course.
10 Aug 2010 13:00
  • Sandi
  • Sandi

You are missing some key points along the way. You are stating that Bendryl should not be used for someone with ITP based on your experience. I have had two suspected platelet drops after taking Amoxicillin, but I have not discouraged any one from using it. Two reasons: 1) it may not affect them as it did me, and 2) my experience could have been a coincidence and there is no way to prove that it caused counts to drop. I would not blindly state that a certain drug could cause harm to everyone because it may have happened to me. I also would not state that Rituxan is a cure and everyone should use it because it has caused a 6 year remission for me. Am I cured? That is what you are saying with your treatment regimine; that it is a cure for ITP.

I have tried some unconventional treatments. Quite a few others have here as well. When I was first diagnosed, I had counts of 50 and went to an herbal store in my area. They proceeded to "diagnose" my problem and suggested liquid chlorophyll. I took it faithfully for two weeks. Within that time, my counts dropped to 8. Did I blame the chlorophyll and advise others to stay away from it? No. Personally, I believe that it didn't do anything positive or negative; my counts went down on their own. I stopped taking it and threw it away. I have also tried Glyconutrients and spent a fortune on them. In addition, I take many high dose Vitamins because my Vitamin levels are low, no matter how well I eat. Vitamins have been used and tried by many with no affect. You are not the very first person ever to think of Vitamins and try them.

If you had simply come here, told your story, and answered questions that were asked of you, things would have been fine. But you came in and began to tell people what they should and should not do. You have even gone so far as to insult and blame patients for their own illnesses by stating that they are living 'crappy' lifestyles. Those are the things that will not be tolerated; we may have welcomed a pleasant discussion regarding the story of your son.

Yes, I am very proud to be a part of this group and have spent many hours for years doing whatever I could to help. I would not say this is a "badge that I wear proudly"; I rarely, if ever, have had to interfere in a conversation that went in an inappropriate direction. I have never pointed out my status, but in this case I feel it is necessary to remind you that there are certain rules that must be followed. No. 1 - you cannot give medical advice. You can share an experience, but you can not tell someone what they should or should not take or verbally trample conventional treatments as you have.
11 Aug 2010 02:45
  • patti
  • patti's Avatar
Sandi wrote:


You are missing some key points along the way. You are stating that Bendryl should not be used for someone with ITP based on your experience. I have had two suspected platelet drops after taking Amoxicillin, but I have not discouraged any one from using it. Two reasons: 1) it may not affect them as it did me, and 2) my experience could have been a coincidence and there is no way to prove that it caused counts to drop. I would not blindly state that a certain drug could cause harm to everyone because it may have happened to me. I also would not state that Rituxan is a cure and everyone should use it because it has caused a 6 year remission for me. Am I cured? That is what you are saying with your treatment regimine; that it is a cure for ITP.

You are comparing apples and oranges. Amoxicillin is not a regularly dosed drug to someone who is receiving itp treatments. Benadryl and tylenol are. Both of which are known to cause low platelets. I didn't tell anyone not to take it. I told them I would use great caution if I had itp in using anything that was known to lower platelets. Because how do you know if you're one of the ones it will affect that way? You don't. So use with caution. And if someone is having treatments that aren't working, then yes, I would say investigating anything they're taking that's known to lower platelets (benadryl being a biggie) is worthy of looking at. That's not my "limited" experience. That's using my BRAIN. Which I will point out has not been damaged by drugs. You don't think if a treatment isn't working someone ought to consider that a pre-med they're taking could be counteracting it? Where is the wisdom in that? Please, share the wisdom in that?

I'm not making broad statements here. I'm suggesting people use some wisdom in using a drug known (especially because it is a pre-med so often) to aggravate the very problem they're trying to treat. You seem to be missing this point. I didn't blindly state this. I made myself very clear that it should be a point of caution. For me, I wouldn't touch anything that had the potential to aggravate something I was trying to treat. THAT, is my personal opinion. The rest is wise caution that anyone with half a brain should consider. And they can certainly choose to ignore one person's caution.

You, and others like you, seem to think I think diet and supplements will cure itp. I never said any such thing. We have fully supported our son's body using those things as methods of keeping him from bleeding (keeping his cell integrity strong). Not to heal him. I mentioned one method we were using towards actual healing of him. That's it. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I could care less what treatment people choose. But when someone comes looking for a natural alternative or anything other then what they've done and someone responds to them, the wolves come out. God forbid someone should say taking a drug might be bad for you. <gasp>

The way you act around here, the few people who really do want answers can't get them. Because anything anyone else tells them that's anti-drug is shot down as "giving medical advice." I didn't tell anyone what to take to cure their itp. I told them to find a doctor that specializes in "xyz" to help them. And if you consider sulphur for hives/itching a drug, then I'm sorry for your ignorance.
19 Aug 2010 21:32
  • athos45
  • athos45
My sons platelets are at the normal range mow after taking Euphorbia Hirta boiled water AND A LOT ELSE. There may be a lot of factors involved: he is still on 10mg Steroids which i am beginning to taper, had an ear infection, had coughs and took cough meds, took amoxiclav antibiotics for ear infection, taking wheatgrass for immune system, and his mere growing up might be his body and immune system is changing/maturing etc. In other words, too many factors involved to validate anything.

I will be conducting a separate study involving maybe myself or my nephew(both w/o ITP) who will take this herb and get counts before and after a week of taking this. We know this is not a cure for ITP, but at the very most, we are hoping this will be a significant supplement for our platelets.

Wish me luck.

28 Aug 2010 12:00
  • Rhiannon
  • Rhiannon
Just would like to say I had splenectomy back in 1994. I was in my twenties at the time and now in my 40's. To keep it short and simple for you, I hope they will tell you about aftercare. I now take penicillan 2 times a day everyday for life. That acts as a spleen. I do have to take care around people with major infections as I pick them up . All it means is that the doctors either increase my penicillan or give me amoxicillan. Not sure if that is the same thing in USA. I am in United Kindom.

Yes I was sore for six weeks after the operation. I had quite a big operation as my spleen had overgrown! It was a case of taking it easier for that time. My family had already booked a camping holiday in Spain and yes I went with the permission of the doctors. I was tired and went to sleep in the car a lot of the time. After all I had only been out of hospital for 6 weeks after having my life turned upside down because I hadn't heard of ITP and spleens two month previous to that. I had a lot to learn in a short time.

You will be strong enough to go through with the operation. It will be sore for a time. I hope that you knowing I have had the spleen out for nearly 20 years will encourage you. Yes ITP has returned but mine is very mild from what I read about. Take each day at a time and relax.
19 Dec 2010 23:02
  • Sandi
  • Sandi
Hi Dotty - it is possible that the antibiotic caused an acute reaction. I wouldn't necessarily agree that the transfusion would have brought you up higher if the thrombocytopenia was just due to Bactrim. However, sometimes drugs can cause a permanent autoimmune chain reaction. You can still achieve a remission. I've had drops like that from Amoxicillin and did rebound.

Good luck - I hope your counts continue to rise!
20 Dec 2010 00:45
  • Bunnie
  • Bunnie
Sorry that you've had such a bad week! Like other posters, I also see drops when I take antibiotics (Augmentin, Amoxicyln), so that's the likely cause.
21 Dec 2010 16:17
  • menminime
  • menminime
I have a 16 month old daughter. She was diagnosed with ITP on December 6, 2010. Less than a week before thanksgving my baby had the normal 15 month old vacines and yes i thought i would give her the flu shot for the first time as she is asthma prone. Three days later she started throwing up with no other symptoms. Once again I figured normal vacine side effects. On or around thanksgiving (this year), we started to notice alot of bruises on her legs, we figured that it was a side effect to her 15month shots she had a couple of days ago, or she is a toddler she trips and falls alot. But i googled it and all the sites I saw said that it was normal wear and tear on a toddler as they were all on her shins. So we waited to see if it cleared up. Instead of seeing it clear up we saw that they were multiplying and that they were infact lumpy looking. But my idication was when I started to see it on the tops of her feey. So i made an appointment with her pediatrcian and they ran a strep test, cbc and a mono test. they came back and told me that her strep was negative and that there was a no to the mono as well, but that there was in fact a problem, her platelets count was low, it was at a 6, so they wanted to rerun it. They reran it and it was then at a 9. So she instructed us to go to the emergancy room and that she would call and tell them that we were on our way. Once we were there they reran the tests and it was at a 14, so they admited her. they gave her the IVIG treatment, by the next morning her numbers went up to 38, so they let us go home. Later that night about 9 hours later she started to vomit and had a fever of 101 so we took her to the hospital at 2am on the 8 of december. They redid her cbc and a urine test, her urine test was fine and they said that her platelets had gone up to 148 now. So they said that she was fine now. I was really releaved I figured that this medicine did wonders and that maybe thar she was at the end of it, as i didn't know two much of what ITP was. the hospital sent us home around 6 in the morning. Then the "flu like symptoms" went away less than 12 hrs later.She started at 9pm and by 6 am the "flu like symptoms" How could that be a flu. At 10 am on the 8th her docotrs called and said that she did in fact have strep and that she needed to be on amox. So they gave us the prescription. About three-four days ago she started with alot of Diareha more soupy and griffty looking but green so I was not alarmed, I figured that it was just her anboctics. The pharmacy messed up her prescription and gave her the wrong dose, but I caught it soon. On friday we had a follow up appointment to just make sure they were still ok. Well they are not okay it was at a 9 and then when redid it was a 15, so once again they directed us to the emergancy room. While there they themselves redid the test. the first test they did, they said that her blood clotted so they could get what they needed (i thought if you had this your blood doesn't clot) well they redrew the test and then it said that she was at 28. they discharged us and told us to follow up with our doctor tomorrow, and then 3 hours after we got home the doctor called back from the er telling us to just come there because our doctors office didnt feel comfortable doing it there. So now we went back the next day on the Sarurday at 12pm, and while in there they want us to follow up with a pediatric hematologist-oncologist next week. Well while there her platelets dropped even more well down 6 points to now a 22. So once again they admitted her and gave her another IVIG treatment. Then the next morning they redid her blood test and her numbers went up to a 61. i was so releaved. So we will get to go home. Finally again. Well this was on this sunday that she went home. A day later she started with a fever of 101 for no reason and when I gave her tylenol the fever only droped like .4. THen today on and off she has had a low grade one for now apart reason. Today a little mnore sleepy. Questions I have are:
- How can her numbers get her to the point that she is better then just drop so low again, with all her symptoms back in under two weeks?
- shouldn't they have kept her overnight to make sure they don't lower anymore?
- Any advice you could give me, I am just concerned and do not know what to do.
- my mothers sister had ITP, my father has cirosis of the liver ( i know I spelled it wrong sorry) Culd any of this be from my gene pool? I have a terrible immune system, and I am sick at least 1 or more times a month. I had mono or so they thought 4 times in my life. I am feeling like I did this to her

Thanks to you all for listening to this woried mother of three.
Category: Newly Diagnosed
18 Jan 2011 00:30
  • Sandi
  • Sandi

Any drug has the potential to cause a platelet drop. The PDR lists thrombocytopenia for most drugs, Rituxan included. The only way to know if it will affect you is to try it. A lot of us have taken that particular drug with no problem, if that helps.

I've had drops from Amoxicillin (twice) but others take it with no drops and some people even get a rise.

Chronic ITP'ers will most likely have to take several drugs over the years to treat different things. I am on a few drugs that are contraindicated for ITP, but I have no choice. They have not caused a problem. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do.
26 Jan 2011 02:54
  • Melinda
  • Melinda's Avatar
That is a good site for serum sickness Sandi.

I had every symptom except rash - and I thought I would never walk again without pain, it was horrible! Mine was caused by amoxicillin and I cannot have penicillin again - neither can a friend for the same reason.

I wonder about just hives being serum sickness - I would tend to think an allergic reaction to rituxan [but doctor I am not].
13 Feb 2011 18:37
  • Rhiannon
  • Rhiannon
Sorry I guess I let my prejuidice get in the way in that whilst there is a valuable role in homeopathy treatments I for one don't really trust it because for me the way it is handed out to people is not regulated enough etc. And the arguments on here seem to highlight people use the option rather than the medical approach because of cost. I know that don't mean everyone makes up their mind on that basis. It is just how things appear to me from what I have read here. And that people resort to homeopathy after medicine has not worked effectively which am not blaming them for exploring. No offence meant there by the way;) . Not everyone has a bad experience with IVIG. I get anemic symptoms which go away as soon as it finished. I don't get the sickness etc. They stop that treatment I believe where I am straight away because one year I was just only beginning to feel quite right and they stopped the bottle instantly. And left it 4 hours before continuing. I have never been sick on it etc. It could be due to how fast the dose is given. I have five bottles a night over 5 days.... Everyone has different side effects but you all write about going home that day the IVIG is given. I have always been an in patient and never gone home on the day/night it is given. I may have been just lucky but timing might be an important factor here which I wish the american and the UK systems could read and find out if there is more to it than just plain luck....

Having had meningitis and septic shock I guess am just that bit more anxious about getting it right. When I get the goosebumps I get a little bit more nervy. A&E aren't always happy when I turn up. One doc was positively unhappy almost once. After what felt like some time saying why am there I remember my discharge form from earlier on in the year. He kind of began to mellow when he read it. Then I mentioned my hematology consultant and mellowed a bit more and admitted me for observation... I went last year because the General Practioner Doc sent me home without the needed amoxocillan. I went upto A&E next day and within the hour given the needed dose. I went home and swapped General practioners and now back at my childhood practice.:-}

Began to get worried friday night when the goosebumps started with this cold. But thankfully they have gone. All the instructions say if shivering ring the ambulance... somehow I find that scary to actually do. Am relieved you have been told that too though like I say all the information says so. Just that some A&E docs are better than others. We are not there for a free ride so to speak
17 Feb 2011 04:41
  • Tal
  • Tal
*waves* remember me? I'm sure one or two of you will :)

I've been so crazy busy it's been a long long time since I checked in here...

Ok.. so last August I got a nasty infection and had to go on antibiotics I was on Amoxicillin and Clindamycin. I reacted to the amoxicillin and ended up covered in a very bad rash. Amongst all all the rash I ended up with some petechiae on my legs so I had it checked out - to my surprise my count was 140!

Highest I'd ever been before was 100 and I'm usually between 70-90. Anyway, fast forward to now I just had another count done and I'm back down to 85. So the question is did the antibiotics cause the rise? Or.. as my doc pointed out - maybe the infection I was on antibiotics for in the first place caused the rise in counts (I'd never thought of that possibility).

Anyhow, I'm also scheduled for eye surgery and my GP said they'll want to ... totally can't remember the term he used - my mind has blanked - but I assume he meant give me platelets before the surgery. My reaction was that's not necessary with my counts (70-90) but he insisted it would be.. so I'm wondering what other people's thoughts on that are?

I hope everyone's doing as well as can be expected.
06 Mar 2011 04:16
  • Sandi
  • Sandi
They all have the potential to cause a drop (or a rise). I've had huge drops from Amoxicllin twice and others have had a rise. It all depends on the person. Trial and error. You also have to go with the one that best treats the particular infection.
17 May 2011 21:49
  • Melinda
  • Melinda's Avatar
Over 22 years ago when I had serum sickness thanks to amoxicillin and was put on prednisone I said I would NEVER take prednisone again - fast forward a couple years and I was hit with ITP and the choice of prednisone or splenectomy. So I have learned to never say NEVER - however I don't want to take danazol or dex!!!

Erica I don't remember anyone who went into remission thanks to IVIg - there are some here who have to have IVIg because nothing else works for them.
10 Jun 2011 02:20
  • karatemom3
  • karatemom3
Hi Tina, Diagnosis story is a good place to start. My daughter and then my son had the flu; fever headache, Feb. 1989. My son Matt who was 7 at the time got better for a few days and then started running a mild fever, lying down a lot and coughing. He took Amoxicillin for 10 days. When I took him back to the Doc for a second time they took blood. His Hgb was 6.8. They sent him to the local hospital to recheck the results and then to the hematologist at a medical center an hour away. They did a bone marrow biopsy, took a lot more blood and put him on 180 mg of Prednisone a day. They had no beds and I am a nurse so they let him go home. Tests were positive for coombs positive hemolytic anemia. They also found he had enlarged lymph nodes and spleen. Matt took everything like a trouper. The only time he complained was when I took the bandaids off. They tapered the Pred. over 3 weeks then stopped it. We figured it was post viral reaction. Two days later he got chicken pox. Thats a story for another time. Needless to say he relapsed. Now they figure he relapsed from the chicken pox. But as those of you who are going through this know it is never that easy. He relapsed 3 more times after stopping Pred. and then his Platelets dropped to 17 k. I have to go for now but will post more soon. Joan
Category: Newly Diagnosed
12 Sep 2011 01:07
  • Melinda
  • Melinda's Avatar
Kelly I got serum sickness from amoxicillin - you can get it from anything.
"Medications causing the problem should be stopped, and future use of the medication or antiserum should be avoided."
17 Nov 2011 02:14
  • Sandi
  • Sandi
Well, why does my friend have breast cancer? Why does my daughter have Graves Disease? Why does my cousin have MS? No one can answer those questions, and we can't answer it about ITP either. Bad things happen to good people and all you can do is deal with it the best you can.

I've had two major platelet drops from Amoxicillin. I've stayed away from that antibiotic since...about 10 years now. I'm still thinking it could have been a coincidence, but it's easy just to take something else so I do. If you think you have a known trigger, eliminate it and see what happens. That's about all you can do.

Sorry if I seem blunt - it's not you. I tend to tell it like it is - straight and to the point. Occupational hazard. : )
19 Mar 2012 22:08
  • Sandi
  • Sandi
No, I didn't get sick more often than usual. In fact, I seemed to be sick less often. I used to get colds twice a year like clock-work, but since ITP, I don't even get those.

I'm not one to ask about avoiding meds. I took anything I wanted except aspirin and Amoxicillin.
14 Jun 2012 17:45
  • whatthehwegoingtodowiththiss
  • whatthehwegoingtodowiththiss
I have been steady on my low dose of prednisone for the past year. Last month I had to have a root canal due to an infected tooth. He put me on Amoxicillin and it dropped my platelets to 70's. Boosted for a week and it went up. I went back to my lower dosage and they were fine 2 weeks ago. I check today because I am so TIRED, there has been near constant headaches (which I went through a whole bottle of tylenol...GP said ohhh its anxiety =/), and feeling foggy, they are 45. I had another root canal on Monday. Yes, I didnt go to the dentist for 3 years because I read somewhere people with ITP shouldnt go.
My old Hemo said anytime you have a procedure to boost your steriods, this Hemo said no. Now I am scared to pieces...that I have something lurking somewhere. Thanks for any help!
14 Jun 2012 20:43
  • Sandi
  • Sandi
People with ITP should defintely go to the dentist like any other normal person. They might have to pay attention to their counts, but most procedures can be done over 50.

Amoxicillin has dropped my counts twice. I don't take it any more.

A person who takes steroids long term should boost the dose before some procedures, but I'm not sure if a root canal counts.
02 Sep 2012 23:59
  • Sandi
  • Sandi
And that is why medical costs are so high. Lawsuits. I acquired ITP shortly after taking Amoxicillin. I acquired Achilles Tendonitis from taking Cipro. I acquired Lupus shortly after using Rituxan. I am experiencing bone degeneration from years of Prednisone. Should I sue? No one forced any of those things on me.

Look at Robin Roberts. Now fighting MDS probably caused by her breast cancer treatments. There are sad stories all over the world.

Freckles, you know I partially agree that medications can cause harm. I know that, I live that. It's happened and yes, I continue to take them and inject them because I fear the alternative. Anyone who puts a drug in their mouth should be aware of the inherent risks and weigh the pros and cons. Drugs come with warnings and we can choose to be aware of them or we can ignore them. Before I take any new medication, I thoroughly research it and make a decision. I have turned many down that my doctors have suggested. No drug is prescribed to intentionally harm a person. We go to the doctor, ask for help, and they do what they can with what is available. They simply do as we ask.
05 Sep 2012 16:10
  • JJBDVM10
  • JJBDVM10
Capnocytophaga canimorsus
This a little bacteria that lives in dog (and rarely cat) saliva that gets filtered out of circulation via the spleen when we get bitten by are favorite furry friends. While the VAST majority of dog and cat owners will probably NEVER be bitten hard enough to break skin and innoculate saliva into our blood stream for those of you with splenectomies beware. This is a very bad bug that will cause sepsis and DIC (severe bacterial load in the bloodstream and shock) and possibly death within 24 hours without treatment. The treatment is typically a nice,gentle 4 quadrant antibiotic such as Amoxicillin/Clavulonic acid although for those of you allergic to Penicillins or Beta-lactams there are other options. If you get bit really badly, do not hesitate to go see your doctor for treatment and wound care ASAP! For some reason, all hematologists I have visited have never even HEARD of my favorite bacteria (keep your friends close and bacterial enemies closer). As a veterinarian who is fighting to keep her spleen, I find it somewhat frustrating to be brushed off about little Capy. Be informed, be your own advocate.

Also, this post is in NO WAY meant to deter splenectomized individuals from the uncoditional love and support of a dog, cat, gecko, jack-a-lope, etc. It's only meant to help inform owners of the risks and how to better protect yourself. When I finally lose the battle and have to say goodbye to my spleen, I will still have my furry critters around me and will still make a VERY careful effort to be the same ole vet I always was. At least I will lose a little weight on the steroids!
16 Jan 2013 01:16
  • KayL
  • KayL

When you said your doctor had given you WinRho on Monday, I thought that he was probably ruling out more rituxan for you...I don't believe the reaction you described is normal. I am not a rituxan expert, so take that with a grain of salt.

My hematologist seems pretty convinced that since the Migraine from Hades didn't set in until almost 24 hours AFTER the Rituxan, they aren't related.

My neuro-ophth, my neurologist and my primary care finally came to the mutual decision that yes... the high doses of prednisone has relapsed my pseudo-tumor cerebri (aka idiopathic intracranial hypertension).... maybe. Possibly. More than likely... but they're not 100%
The only way to diagnose for certain is to do a lumbar puncture, but nobody is giving a girl with a platelet count of 22 an LP.

So we're gonna treat the IIH with Diamox, the pain with Vicodin, and the ITP with WinRho and Rituxan.
For now. I guess.

To be frank, as of yesterday, my give a damn is totally busted.
There isn't a day this week where I'm not scheduled for time in the infusion center or with a doctor.
Neuro-ophthalmologist, neurologist, primary, hematologist, phlebotomists... it's never ending.
I show up, I let them poke me, I answer some questions, I let them talk at me, I go home. Rinse, repeat.

I'm in some sort of Debbie Downer spiral that I can't seem to pull out of right now.
I'm hoping this doesn't last long. Because yesterday I was ready to walk out of the hospital and just wanted to refuse all treatment completely.

That's probably NOT helpful.
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