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First Sexual Experience and Blood...

6 years 7 months ago #60239 by AnnieRose92
First Sexual Experience and Blood... was created by AnnieRose92
Hi Y'all. New to this site but I'm glad I found it! I was diagnosed Oct 2014 (so very recently) and counts have been between 68-92K, so not too low. I get regular blood tests but my doc is recommending we withhold treatment unless my counts drop below 30K.

So I was also a virgin until this past weekend. I've been sheltered, and pretty naive I must admit. But the internet is our friend, and it has all the answers.... right?
I understand after your first time having sex, it's normal to bleed because the hymen tears. Apparently there can be a lot of blood, and there was for me. (I didn't expect it and wasn't prepared and ended up stopping at some shady gas station bathroom...). My BF and I tried again two days later (yesterday) and he had hardly penetrated and I felt blood.
Is this normal? I have no sexual experience really, so I don't know how much or how often to expect blood. And again, my counts are probably in the 70-80K range. I have scheduled an appt with my doctor but that's not for a few days.
Any experience, advice? Thanks!

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6 years 7 months ago #60244 by poseymint
Replied by poseymint on topic First Sexual Experience and Blood...
Hi Annie Rose- Yes you should talk to a gynecologist, and good you are seeing your doctor soon. Just my experience- is that a lot of bleeding is not normal at all. A few drops, a bit of light bleeding is normal the first time. I'm no doctor but thats what I know from my experience and what I've read/heard, seen in movies? Its not something people talk about much! hah A doctor would know more. Enjoy yourself, be safe and have fun.

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