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ITP and oral contraceptive? 9 years 10 months ago #34839

  • Katsim
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So.... I may have mentioned (just once or twice...... Or perhaps in every post I've written, lol!) that hubby and I want a baby. We have a delightful two and a half year old and I'm desperate for her to have a sibling that she's not too much older than. Time is ticking away!

I'm doing everything I can to get to a 'safe' place to start trying. My count had settled at 30-ish on a 5mg dose of prednisolone and the contraceptive pill :-( I was diagnosed with ITP 6 weeks after stopping the oral contraceptive and now I'm back on it my count has started to stabilise for the first time. The only time my count has EVER gone up from steroids alone (ie without Ivig) is when I've been on the pill.

I cannot believe its a coincidence that I was diagnosed with a count of 1 just 6 weeks after stopping the pill and my counts finally started stabilising and responding just two weeks after going back on it. I've just stopped the pred and so far my count is holding its own at 30 ish, but each pill free week I've had, my count has dropped by at least a quarter. (I fully intend to skip my next pill free week).

I also have pcos and have low oestrogen when not on the pill. I'm really scared that I will never be able to come off the pill without keeping a decent count. And every extra month I'm on the pill I'm putting off treatments like rituxan which mean I'd have to wait a year before trying - if good counts even happen or are maintained. Geez, I started the post with an inquisitive thought and now I'm sat here in tears again.

Any thoughts on this whole conundrum? I'm just fishing for ideas really, anything i can quiz my consultant about.

Thanks, katherine xx
Lowest count 1. Highest count 207 (ivig) Indium scan showed predominantly splenic destruction. No meds currently, just seeing how things go.

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass - it's about learning to dance in the rain".

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