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Re: ITP and gyno, gyno and ITP 10 years 9 months ago #32644

  • rentalaraj
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I live in houston..what is your hema name?

also please join the houston group

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Re: ITP and gyno, gyno and ITP 9 years 3 months ago #45203

  • preety
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Hi, am new to this group. Here is my itp journey. I have had itp from 14 years. I came to know when i got my first periods at age of 13 years. It was heavy uncontrol continues for 15days. Then my doctor prescribed me pills to stop bleeding. Then it stopped. I have had treatments for itp with dapsone ,steriods, dexa, celcept, rituximab, spleenectomy those all was for temporary rise nothing put me in remmission. For periods i tried depro provera, trenexa but nothing was much effective. Only progesterone hormones (primolut n ) is effective. Am still using it to stop bleeding. Confusion is that even with high counts my periods are heavy and uncontrol. So my hemo refer me to gynae that is is related to gynae prob and gynae did an ultrasound only and sent back to hemo that its related to itp. My platelets count always ranges btw 35-45 without any other bleeding symptoms except heavy periods. Now am married and i want to get pregnant so am worried with all these probs, my questions are
Is there possibility to get pregnant while using progestrone hormone? Is it like contraceptive?
Can i get pregnant is there is period cycle like that?
What should i do? Anybody have same problem like me and have baby? I will really appreciate your advises

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