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ITP cured after parasite, virus and bacterial infection treated & gluten free? 5 years 4 months ago #63845

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  • I got undetectable parasites that caused ITP on a 4/2017 trip that included horseback riding. For 7 months, platelets crashed (as low as 1,000) every 10 days between IVIG treatments. I got cured 10/2017 after taking parasite destroying medicine and Rife U
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Hi to Newly diagnosed ITP people and to all my old PDSA buddies,
(To my old buddies-I do miss you and appreciate you getting me through the ITP crisis I was in!!!!!)

I have no idea if my ITP is cured but it has been stable now for several months since October. This is after being on an every 2 week cycle of IVIG and Dex bursts along with Promacta/NPlate from May 2017-October 2017. (Except for a month when I was on triple antibiotics in July) I am happy to report that I have not had IVIG or dex burst since October 2017. I share this information in case it is helpful to anyone looking at this website. However, it may not be medically right for many of you.

My story in case it is helpful:

I don't have any answers other than saying for me that once I got rid of the virus, parasite or bacteria or whatever triggered the ITP and got my immune system balanced, my platelets rose to the 190,000-230,000 range.
For me my low platelet count was triggered by a bad virus or parasite that I caught in March 2017 in Costa Rica. Once I got help from a homeopathic doctor to balance my immune system and rid my body of virus and or parasites caught in Costa Rica, I have been stable since October 2017.

Before that, from May 2017 till Oct 2017 the virus/parasites triggered my immune system to attack my platelets every 2 weeks and bottom out to 1,000-7,000 count. This went on for 5 months of rollercoaster platelet counts of 1,000 to over a million(after Nplate) Every two weeks I was on IVIG and DEX bursts; it was a horrible cycle.
I am now at 230,000 platelet count for a while now and have had no IVIG or dex since 10/17. I was diagnosed with ITP 2 weeks after my return to Colorado from Costa Rica. I caught something there. My platelets went as low as 1,000-7,000 during those horrible 2 week cycles of IVIG/dex bursts.
In case it helps, I want to share what I took but I am just on 2 homepathics now: Berberine and Immunomod-A.
Eastern Homeopathics: Immunosupport-2 caps every day, Adrenal Support - 2 caps every day, skateliver oil (increases platelet production)- 2 caps every day, Astragalus- 1 dropper a day, and an antivirus Cats Claw homeopathic 1 dropper 2Xd, and immuno stabilizer homeopathic 1 dropper 2Xd. Also I am on a strict Gluten Free diet.
The homeopathic doctor instructed me to quit gluten 100% in October which I did.
I also try really hard to keep my stress level down and not overdo it exercising.
I am not saying I am fine and over ITP but I am cautiously optimistic that I am.

I must share that the Western doctors thought I was crazy to pursue other options. They said “you have ITP get used to it and you will have it forever.” But I knew their band-aid method was lacking and it was just too coincidental to occur right when I got back from Costa Rica. After seeing my good results my hematologist said he believes there is a place for homeopathy in ITP.

I am not a doctor so please consult with your physician This was right for me but may not be the correct path for many ITP cases. My hope is this information is helpful for people. Please let me know if you have any questions.
Good health and best to all.
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