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Update: Naturopath in Houston Cure 5 years 3 months ago #60171

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I just wanted to give an update since ITP in 2012. (I'm 32 now). My platelets have remained between 135-233. I tell everyone that it was divine intervention in my life! Indeed it was. I found a naturopath in Houston that specializes in "hair tissue forensic mineral analysis" and she said that she could fix my platelet problem in 4 weeks. Well, not only did she fix it alright, it only took 2 weeks and I've never had any problem with platelets since. After running my forensics, she concluded that my #1. my personality is killing me (Type A), #2. stress is killing me #3. my lifestyle needed overhaul (diet). She basically told me to halt sugar, most carbs and start probiotics. I still am eating a moderately low carb, high protein diet with supplements. The funny thing is that she was LEAST concerned about my platelets and more concerned about all the other findings in my report. I sung her praises when she first saved me from all the treatments the hematologist wanted to do and even after all these years (I'm still seeing her) she will draw up my quarterly hair report and tell me things that doctors are not able to see in a blood test. She never ceases to amaze me. Example, I had lab test 2 weeks ago and my family doctor saw that I have an underactive thyroid. My naturopath already knew that back in January from my hair tissue analysis! It is crazy. And sometimes I doubt the hair test findings until the same things show up in my next blood test. Back to the ITP, basically I had to be desperate to follow this lady's plan for me- let me be honest. It is a complete lifestyle change: diet & supplements. It's hard to do that in a world that is all fast food and bread. Most of the time people want a pill or an easier fix, I get it. So my advice because there are others who may have the exact same life experience with ITP & such (you can read my posted story from 2012) and may not be financially able, I say PROBIOTICS, HEALTHY LOW CARB and PRAYER in JESUS name. For the brave in heart, If you want the # to the naturopath, send me a direct email at But please understand she is not exactly cheap and it will require hard work and discipline LOL. :P God bless you!

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