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Success Story on ITP 9 years 8 months ago #39307

  • neilfern
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Hi Folks,
I thought that I’d share a positive development on my ITP.
I’ve had ITP for about a decade and I personally think that the trigger for my ITP was a terrible flu I had about 6 months prior to the onset of ITP. I believe that the heavy dosage antibiotics that were prescribed did much harm to my system.
The ITP was initially detected through a routine blood test and the platelet counts were in the mid 130’s. It kept going down and then remained in the 90-100 range for about 5 years. About 4 years ago, it then went down and settled in the 60-70 range for about 2-3 years. Then the next level was in the 30-40 range for about a year. When in this range, I had a couple of incidents of petechiae/purpura in the mouth and hands. The doctor attributed this to a viral infection that I was having and the effect of some antibiotics that I was taking to battle the viral infection.
Since the doctor’s were really not interested in doing anything till the platelets went below the 20 range, I figured that it’s best if i begin researching on how to deal with ITP. I read about the impact of “Papaya Leaf Extract” on this forum and tried it without success. Subsequently, I purchased Cruz’s book and systematically approached each of his recommendations in a methodical manner. I experienced success when H.Pylori was detected. After the eradication of H.Pylori, my platelet counts went from the 30’s to the 70’s in about 3-6 months. It then slowly slid to the low 50’s gradually.
It’s then that I read about Heather’s story on this forum and asked her for her naturopath’s details. After a hair mineral analysis test, I was told that something was not right with me. That was the biggest relief that I experienced - someone seemed to know that something’s was not right inside of me. I was told that I had extremely high copper in my system and the naturopath put me on a detox program to cleanse me of copper. The first 9 months of the program were pretty much a non-event, just more and more detox and supplements and peeling off layers of hidden mineral imbalances. The peeling off resulted in other mineral imbalances being detected. After about 9 months on the program, the hair analysis showed that i had a toxic mix of Copper, Mercury and Aluminium. About that time, I also noticed that the platelet counts started going up from the 50’s to the high 90’s. A couple of weeks ago, I got another blood test done and the platelet counts showed that it was in the low 140’s. The Hematologist told me that if it continues the way it goes, she’ll soon stop seeing me for ITP.
That’s it for now. There’s still a considerable bit of detox and nutritional supplements that will have to be taken in a structured fashion. I’ll also have to stay focused on the detox, supplements and the diet plan. However, nothing’s better than not having any steroids/medications and doing it with just natural supplements.
Thought that this story would uplift many who feel that they’re case is hopeless. Keep exploring and stay committed to Jesus. He’s our biggest miracle maker.
Neil. :)

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Success Story on ITP 9 years 6 months ago #40373

  • hcpratt33
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Success Story on ITP 9 years 5 months ago #40805

  • John
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Its great to hear about your success Neil!

If I had the knowledge I have today about my ITP, I'd still have a spleen and the path taken would have been much different.



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