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Experiment 9 years 3 months ago #35957

  • hcpratt33
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A little platelet experiment.... Though not intentional ;)

Since March 2012, I've been doing great with my naturopathic treatment of ITP. I firmly believe that my condition spiraled as follows:

1. Poor diet- high carb, high sugar
2. Antibiotic for illness- wiped out bacteria, good and bad
3. Yeast overgrowth- fed by poor diet, bad bacteria takes over
4. Excessive yeast caused an auto-immune response

This was proven 100% true recently. I had been slacking on the high protein diet my naturopathic doctor recommends. I introduced more sugar, carbs, etc. I started an antibiotic for an ear infection, which killed all the bacteria in my body (good and bad). I should've began probiotics to replenish, but I did not... I developed a yeast infection. As several more weeks went by, it was time to have my platelets checked. My count was much lower: 109 (@ 291 several months prior).

I immediately began my strict diet again (high protein, low sugar, low carb, etc). I began my recommended vitamins and high potency probiotics..... In 7 days, my platelets went from 109 to 119. Coincidence??? No way! My hematologist thinks I'm nuts! But I know what works and what is happening in my body. My diet has everything to do with my condition. Thank you Jesus!

I know this is not the answer for every single case of ITP, but I KNOW there is someone else out there who can benefit from this!

God bless you

Heather :cheer:

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Experiment 9 years 3 months ago #36019

  • jnaude
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Hi Heather

This is great news and the fact that you have started to understand how your body reacts to different approaches.

I'm certainly going to get in contact with this lady and give it go...

All the best and God bless you..


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Experiment 9 years 3 months ago #36055

  • karenr
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  • Diagnosed in 2000, at 59, after being on moderately high doses of NSAIDs for arthritis. Splenectomy and rituxan both failed (2004). Did well on prednisone till summer 2018--then terrible reactions. Promacta since 11-19.
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I don't think there's a big difference between 109K and 119K. Both numbers sound wondrously safe and high to me!

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