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Another success story with Papaya Leaf Extract 9 years 10 months ago #29922

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Happy New Year everyone! Hope you've all had a great and high platelet holiday.

I just thought I'd update you all on my current (finger's crossed) success story. ITP came into my life six months ago. Since then my lowest count was 2 and I was hospitalised for 5 days, though thankfully had no symptoms apart from petechiae (I was however on my period hence the longer than average stay). My pattern has been to get four days of IVIG after which my counts would rise to around 130 and drop to the 30s four or five weeks later whereby I would have another round of IVIG. My hemo didn't want to put me on steriods as I'm quite a bit overweight, so has been testing my suitability for other drugs. However, I'm stubborn and very reluctant to put more drugs into my body so I've been looking up all the natural possibilities.

A Chinese friend mentioned that they eat "Red Skin" peanuts to raise platelets as this is a known (to the Chinese) remedy so I've been having a handful each day for the last two months - I buy them from Holland and Barrett, roast them lightly in a dry pan. I've also been juicing fresh juice most days (spinach, kale, carrot and apple) and have cut out wheat and most sugar. I've also lowered my rice and potato intake (trying to go as paleo as possible!). In addition to the nuts, I was also informed about Shandong Province in China's "Aw Gow", a Chinese medicine that you boil with chicken to make a soup that I'm assured works, however, this is tricky to get in the UK also as there is no regulating body that governs Chinese Medicine, I am reluctant to try this since I could be eating anything!

Nine weeks ago, three weeks after my last IVIG treatment my count was 93, much higher than my hemo expected. The following week, it was 92 as was the next. My hemo was surprised but pleased and said it looked like I was going to fix at 92 in which case she wouldn't put me on any treatment. After this, I decided to try the papaya leaf extract I had bought and read quite a bit about since I felt my counts were high enough to try. I took one tablespoon a day in juice, once a day. Did this for two weeks and was amazed when my next count was 127!!!! The first time my count has risen without IVIG or any other treatment! I was thrilled with this result. My last count was today (three weeks since the last) and I'm now159!! It's been 5 weeks since I've started the papaya leaf extract on the lowest dosage. For me, I seem to be going up an average of 10 a week on the one tablespoon a day dosage (the bottle says to take three doses but this stuff isn't exactly cheap).

I'm not sure whether the nuts have worked or not. Maybe they take two months to have an effect which is why my counts stopped at 93/92? Or was it a mixture of the juice, nuts and dietry changes I made? I just know my counts only started going up when I started the PLE. Hopefully, the count will continue to grow. If it gets to mid 200s I might stop taking the PLE for a week or so to see if counts drop again. That will be my definitive proof that it works for me.

Just wanted to let you all know my story in case it can help any of you. I hope to have more good news on my next appointment in three weeks. I'll update on this thread, but in the meantime GOOD HEALTH AND HIGH PLATELETS TO YOU ALL!

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