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Potato and ITP 5 months 3 weeks ago #72290

  • clarry123
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I’m wondering if anyone has had low platelets from eating potatoes?
I’m on N-plate and had my first concurrent platelets that looked like they might be stablising around 120 and then they dropped to 47 the following week. So now I’m trying to work out why.
That week my son who’s 25 came to stay for the week. He’s epileptic and has frequent seizures and near seizures which does cause me to stress. I’ve been to see a Cognitive therapist recently and thought I was getting a handle on dealing with stress. Maybe I’m still not, however the other thing that was different that week was my diet. I’ve seriously cut down my sugar and carbs intake since diagnosis, not exactly food exclusion more food limiting  (apart from rice, wheat and pasta) and am eating a lot of leafy greens, but this diet isn’t exactly my son’s thing so while he was here I was eating potato nearly every night and he was putting a lot more sugar in my tea than I have been recently. So now I’m wondering if potato might be the culprit.
They were back up to 88 last week, albeit on a higher dose and my hot flashes (which I get when my platelets are below 100ish, I’m not menopausal-I was tested!) have gone today and I’ve only had 2 meals with potato, in the last 10 days.
Does this sound familiar to anyone? I have found research papers linking potato to thrombocytopenia, albeit a rarity.

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