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Romiplotsim and fasting

  • Lman
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4 years 11 months ago - 4 years 11 months ago #66483 by Lman
Romiplotsim and fasting was created by Lman
As a Muslim , we do fast a month in year . The month is called "Ramadan"
Anyway , I used to do these before I have this itp . The rules are you cannot eat or drink ANYTHING from the time sun goes up (say 6 AM) to the time it goes down (say 8 PM) . Also , If one thinks that fasting is harming (Or May be harming his body) Or your doctor (Whom you trust that is decent ) tells you that it is harmful for you , You must not do it .
Last year , while on 25mg pred and 10k count , my previous doc whom I trusted , told me not to do it . But this year , I'm Om Romiplotsim and counts are more , But I afraid that It might be harmful , mostly because my body is working harder to produce more platelets , so it cannot handle it if I fast . The other side , tells the story of people with itp whom fasting had helped them (one was describing his count was 3 , after some fasting , not like mine , he used to drink water only , and his counts started going up steadily after that short period of fasting , on no treatment ) . Or also on pdsa there is evidence that less calories might help . The second argument against the first one is that since fasting is really hard (and I want to avoid if possible) Maybe , this is biasing my decision making process . I mean , I'd say : Hey man , Who'd fast on such a hot weather on summer ! And so , itp is just an excuse . And to be honest , I really missed those days which I was healthy and could do so .
By the way , today I called my current doctor and asked him . But , I'm sure he does not know much and has never treated anyone consistently with Nplate , So , I neglect what he said.
I'd be helpful if anyone can help (Or ask his/her doctor and on reply till couple of days later ).

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4 years 11 months ago #66487 by b2h
Replied by b2h on topic Romiplotsim and fasting
Hi Lman, I am not a doctor, but I don't see how fasting would cause your platelets harm. I also receive Nplate and it doesn't feel like it makes my body struggle. I struggle when my counts are low and I don't have enough Nplate in my system. I would just be aware of how you are feeling combined with your knowledge of your body, as everyone (with or without ITP) should.
Ramadan Mubarak ~

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