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Cymbalta 3 years 2 weeks ago #69118

  • RHofm50129
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Hi, I have not posted here in a long time, but I have come back for some advice on a new topic for me. I have been taking Cymbalta for neuropathy and have read it may cause your platelets to become dysfunctional. I am taking just 30 mg a day. Have any of you had experience taking this drug, and if so, did it affect you negatively? Thank you, Roberta Hofmann

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Cymbalta 3 years 2 weeks ago #69120

  • MelA
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I have had neuropathy for years and have quit taking drugs for it because they don't help me. Cymbalta is one I wouldn't take - didn't like the possible side effects. Looking at MedlinePlus - my go-to to check any med or supplement - I see that "unusual bruising or bleeding" could be a side effect.

Do you take 600mg of alpha lipoic acid daily? It has been proven that 600mg helps some and my neurologist recommended it. It has helped me a little. When I had each knee replaced I had to go off all supplements for 2 weeks before surgery - I could tell a difference in my legs/feet once off it. With 1st knee it didnt' take long after starting it up again to see an "improvement" - with my 2nd knee I was off it for over 3 weeks and it took a long time for the alpha lipoic acid to work again. Now I'm only saying for me it helps a little and after being off it those 2 times I don't care to be off it again.

Have you tried acupuncture? That helped me but right now of course offices closed. It did get rid of the constant lightning strikes, they have calmed a lot. It isn't a quick "fix", must have patience.

What does your hematologist say about you taking this drug - have you brought him/her into your neuropathy diagnosis and treatment?
"Instead of wasting your time worrying about symptoms, just get it checked out" -Nieca Goldberg, MD

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