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7 wks prego and platelet level at 5000?

13 years 9 months ago #6717 by kelb
Hi, I was diagnosed with ITP two years ago after a m/c, but my hemo told me that there wasn't a need for treatment yet, on the other hand my Ob wanted to do an slpeenectomy!!! so I refused because platlet count where somewhere in the 30,000 to 60,000. now I'm pregnant again and so happy. called my OB he won't see me until 8 wks, then saw my hemo and my platelets where at 5000! very low, so he put my on 20mg prednisone for 15 days (today is my second day). I don't have any symptoms of low platelets (no bruising, or red patches, no bleeding..thank God)The only symptoms are nausea, headache, breast pain...but I'm sure this is due to the pregnancy. I'm very scared for our health (baby and I), I really want to get a Ultrasound, but my OB is kinda difficult...Is someone out there who went trough similar situation? will we survive the ITP? if my OB suggest termination..what should I do? Does anybody knows of a OB that is kind and has experience with this problem? I live in north NJ....thank you!

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13 years 9 months ago #6891 by gsh
Hi there - on the old forum I read stories of women who were in a similar situation. One treated with IVIg every week for her whole pregnancy. You just have to do what works to keep your platelets at a safe number for you (probably over 20k would be comfortable with your Drs because you're pregnant). Prednisone will not harm the baby. It may, however, make your blood sugars go up and has been linked with hypertension but I think that's mostly if you've been on steroids for a while.
You should be followed by a high risk OB, maybe one who has delt with this before if possible. All the best.

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