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ITP, LUPUS and Pregnancy 12 years 7 months ago #12354

  • JamieLea
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Hey guys, long time no talk. I hate to be that person that just pops in now and then but facebook just became so addicating to me - took over this place when I was bored on the web. ha-ha. I thought I would ask your opinions. I am getting ready to start trying to have a child and I have felt great the past few years. I was diagnosed with ITP and then later found that I was having lupus symptoms, like hair falling out and joint pain. I have been on Planqueil for a few years now and everything has been going well. I have within the last four-five months even gone down to just one pill a day of Planqueil instead of two a day. About a year-and-a-half ago I spoke to my Rhemy about trying to have kids and he said that I could stay on the Planqueil until I found out I was pregnant. Well last week I saw him and he had said I should be off of the planqueil if I try to have children. I don't know if he said that b/c I have been doing so well, but after he said that I have noticed my joint pain coming back and body/headaches are back. I think he caught me off guard with that and has stressed me out a bit. I wasn't expecting him to change his tune from a year-and-a-half ago. I have read that Planquiel is not as bad as they once thought for pregnant women. Have any of you here dealt with being on Planquiel and pregnancy? How did you doctor feel about it? Any help would be great. I am considering calling my doctor and telling him how I feel but just wondered how you dealt with medications and pregnancy. Planquiel is the only thing I am currently taking. I am sure most of you this won't apply to since this is more of a ITP site, but thought I would ask. Thanks guys!

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Re: ITP, LUPUS and Pregnancy 12 years 7 months ago #12378

  • tigereyes
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jamie I was on Plaquenil when i found out I was pregnant. I stopped it once I found out and the baby has not suffered any ill effects. According to my OB I could still be taking the plaquenil after the first 12 weeks although he preferred I didnt. I havent had to go back on because I have not had any symptoms since getting pregnant. Im currenlty 32 weeks and on my last ultrasound the baby is perfectly normal and right where he is suppose to be. My rhema doesnt want to see me until the baby is born. I was also on Imuran and stopped that since it cannot be taken while pregnant.

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