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winrho & pregnancy

13 years 5 months ago #10169 by callysmommy
winrho & pregnancy was created by callysmommy
I'm an old time member of these boards! (used to be area51) I'm 32 weeks pregnant with my second little girl. I didn't get meds to bring my counts up for a spinal the first time because I was knocked out (it was an emergency situation). I have no choice but to get a repeat cesarian.

So here's my issue. I have to deliver at 37 weeks. My counts today were 75k, which is great! Mind you...they need to be around 100k for a spinal. What I've gotten before, winrho is all that works for me. Steroids did not work, and ivig gave me anaphalaxis.

My husband would like to be there for atleast one of our kid's births, we want to experience the closest to normal as we can this time. I'd like him to be there, and to not have to get general.

As you all know the winrho now has the black box warning. I have never gotten the winrho while pregnant. Pregnancy dose is 300 micrograms. I usually got 50mcg/kg but my doc talked about giving me half of that. Which would be total around 2000mcg. I have to now be admitted to be monitored since winrho killed a few people. I got the usual side effects with the 50mcg/kg dose of severe chills, vomiting, fever, anemeia. My onc said perhaps with the smaller dose (she said we could even do 12mcg/kg = around 1000mcg) I wouldn't have the typical side effects. I'm wondering what could this do to my unborn baby. I understand it's given to pregnant women, but 1000 is over 3x as much as the largest pregnancy dose. We really want to take her home with us. I don't want her to become anemic...and my first child had itp for a short while after birth (her counts improved after ivig and it didn't come back).

Has anybody recieved winrho during prengnacy for ITP? Please somebody assure me. I'm very concerned and want the wisdom to do what's best.

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13 years 5 months ago #10178 by
Replied by on topic Re:winrho & pregnancy

I can't answer your question about the WinRho. But, I do have to ask, why are they telling you, you must get a repeat c-section? Really, I'm surprised at this, in this day and age. There are relatively few exceptions where women can't have a successful VBAC,and it is almost always safer for baby and mom. (And, I apologize if you might be one of those few.) While of course you should prepare for every eventuality, I would think that having a doctor who was supportive of VBAC would be much safer for you (and baby)than a surgical birth.

It's been a number of years since I last gave birth (In fact, my youngest, my twins, turn 11 tomorrow!), but one of the best books ever written on Cesarean prevention and VBACs is "Silent Knife...", a book that should be required reading for every pregnant couple.
You can find it, here. I don't remember it being such an expensive book before, but looks like you can pick up a used copy for $11.97 at Amazon:

This authors of this book did exhaustive research on this topic, and it is worth being informed about all of your options.

I just think that having a vaginal birth would uncomplicate a lot of things for you, as well as enhancing the whole experience for your whole family.

May it be a Safe and Blessed Event!

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13 years 5 months ago #10179 by callysmommy
Replied by callysmommy on topic Re:winrho & pregnancy
Yup I'm one of those few. I'd love to have a natural birth but I had to have a vertical/classical incision with my first. I need to be here for my family. Just not worth the risk of rupture.

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13 years 5 months ago #10182 by
Replied by on topic Re:winrho & pregnancy
Sorry to hear that. I hope someone else on here has had some experience with WinRho during delivery.


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13 years 4 months ago #11516 by annalee516
Replied by annalee516 on topic Re: winrho & pregnancy
Hi, I am not sure if you already delivered but I had a VERY similar situation with both my pregnancies. I delivered under general in 2006 with my first, without my husband. And then in prep for the 2nd baby I did WinRho throughout my pregnancy, and the last treatment was 3 days before delivery and both me and the baby did great. I was able to be awake, my husband by my side, and the pedi doc said they were surprised with how well the baby did considering my first baby also required treatments at birth. My second did not, and my oncologist had told me before the birth that this would probably help the baby and it did. Best possible outcome!

Good Luck! (if you haven't already delivered)

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