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Treatment for ITP

7 years 10 months ago #55541 by maheshbendigeri
Treatment for ITP was created by maheshbendigeri
Ge to all . my son is suffering from ITP. Initially he had a wound in his mouth and it had become black and after showing it to our family doctor. He gave medicine and after two days few red color rashes and circled coloured spots were found on his hands and legs. We thought it must be related to some skin problem and showed to skin specialist and as per his advise, he suggested for blood test. After the blood test it was found that his platelet count was 75k and he immediately asked us to consult pediatriation and we went to pediatriation and sir saw it and said it is ITP. He immediately asked us to start thromobliss shrup and told next day afternoon to do once again blood test and we did as per his instruction and Platelet count came to 5000 and dengue negative. My son has no other symptoms like cough, ommitting, fever, pain etc except drop in platelet. Then he advised to start with Prednisolone 10mg tablet in morning and night and again the PC test was done in the night and it was 9000. So the doctor said to continue the tablet for next 1 and half day time and afterwards again the test was done and the count came to 5000 again. So my son was asked to admit. After admitting another expert pediatration saw him and suggest for methylprednisolone - 500 mg injection after giving it one in a day with a gap of 24 hrs again second time the count increased to 74000 and later again in the evening when test was done it came to 7000. But all the rashes were gone and doctor decided to discharge even though the count was just 7000. With instruction to given Prednisolone 10mg tablet morning and night for next 5 days and 1 tablet in morning for next 5 days and in addition to this A to Z multi vitamin shrup. On 7th Sep again when we did the test of PC it showed 8000. But as father Im bit worried and wanted some inputs and guidance as to how to go about with this treatment.

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