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Child with Chronic ITP and Older Brother about to start Kindergarten

2 years 11 months ago #71369 by JGM
Hello, our 3yr old was diagnosed with chronic ITP last March. He's taking Promacta and we've been living in our little bubble during the COVID pandemic. Our oldest will be starting kindergarten in the fall '21. Both are not COVID vaccinated as they are not available yet. My wife and I are concerned about our oldest who doesn't have ITP starting kindergarten face-to-face this upcoming school year. The school district will maintain face mask for students but we are nervous for our son who has ITP. Both our Hemo Doc and Ped Doc feel it is ok for our oldest to go face-to-face as long as a face mask is being worn and frequent hand washing. My wife and I wanted to know what you think, parents with a child with ITP. Should we send our oldest to face-to-face kindergarten or have him take the on-line curriculum? Our youngest who have ITP will be home with us. We are both college instructors so it allows flexibility with staying at home. We want to protect our youngest who has ITP but we feel bad for the oldest who needs socialization. Thanks :)

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2 years 11 months ago #71385 by HeidiSt
HI, I don't have any experience with Promacta, but I have had a small child with ITP and i know how scary that can be. I can attest to wanting to wrap my son in bubble wrap to keep him safe. I have seen ITP shape my son into a careful, cautious and anxious preteen. But I have also seen his other siblings feel as though they have lost privileges or GOOD TIMES because of their brothers condition. IE. Family events being museums rather than the trampoline park. If your doctors feel school is OK for your older child at this time, I'd let them experience it. I can attest to how scary it is having a young child with ITP. when my son started kindergarten, he was not allowed to participate in gym or go out for recess etc. My point is, it can be very difficult to let a child with ITP lead a normal life, yet that is exactly what they need. As close to a normal life as is possible. It is also what their siblings need. :(
I know how scary that can be. I found that others on here helped me through those scary moments and I hope we can be that for your family too. hugs.

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1 year 1 month ago #73177 by skyblue0219
Hi, just checking on your situation. I'm 1 year and 10 months late replying on your message. I also have an 8 year old daughter who has chronic ITP and I've been homeschooling her for 3 years now. Her older sister was also homeschooled for 2 years but started going to school building last year because she is done with me and wants to socialize like other kids. They're both Covid vaccinated but yes she often brings germs and therefore my youngest gets nosebleed and we have taken her to ER several times for blood test.

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