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Unexplained headaches could be cause of ITP reoccu 9 years 9 months ago #38774

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My son is 7 and 4 years ago he got the flu. I made a dr appt but before I could get him to Dr seven hours later, he was almost dead.

I walked out the the bathroom the morning of our Dr appt only to see my precious little had blood coming out of the corners of his eys, nose and mouth. I drove 125 mph to the closet hospital, to walk in and hand my baby over into the arms of a nurse walking by. Noone knew what was wrong with him but they worked very hard on him to keep him alive as his blood platelets dropped dangerously to 125. They were able to obtain plasma from the cancer center here in my town to keep him alive till they could find a Childrens Hospital with a spot open on the special needs floor. After being Life Flighted to Cooks Childrens in FT. Worth,Texas, the doctors worked on him day and night. Finally his platelets were up to 15000 after a week. He received IVIG therepy there and three times after we returned home because his platelets would drop back down. Thankfully, after many visits back and forth to Childrens Medical Center in Dallas, a year later his Dr. released him. In 2010, we made our last visit to Dr. Rogers.

Now here we are in 2013, and over a month ago, my son, who is now 7, started having what i thought were "headaches". I dismissed them because he has been well and never thought once about the ITP. On Friday, as we were traveling to Texas, once again, he made me turn the heat off, radio off, and make no noise. The "headache" stopped. I thought nothing about it until on Saturday, we were sitting in the room with my mom and dad visiting and suddenly my son says, "stop talking, be quiet, turn the TV off" and held his head. We did. I once again offered Tylenol and once again he refused saying it wasn't a headache, his head hurt. We all sat quietly and then 10 minutes later he was fine. Bouncing off the walls again. I looked at my mom and it was then I told her that was not normal and I needed to call the doctor. At this time, I am thinking maybe brain tumor or anyurism because the headaches are random with no contributing factor, so I called. Dr is closed for the holidays, of course, so I pick up phone and call back to Childrens to talk with Dr. Roger's nurse only to find out that it could possibly be the ITP again. She said that when the platelets drop low, it can cause a "headache" that goes away when they go back up. Never did I dream that the ITP could come back.

Has anyone else experienced this with their child? I am not seeing any other signs so far, but of course, until today, I would have never dreamed I would have too. This terrifies me since we are at the peak of the flu season and I am a teacher and he and I both are exposed daily to all kinds of things. Any help appreciated.

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Unexplained headaches could be cause of ITP reoccu 9 years 9 months ago #38776

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Normally, the only time a headache is associated with ITP is if there is bleeding in the brain. This would not be something that would 'come and go'. Low counts in and of themselves do not cause headaches like that.

I'd call his GP and ask for a CBC, but without having bruises, petechiae or nose bleeds, it's unlikely that his counts are really low. There is probably another cause for the headaches.

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