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98,000!!!!!!!!!!!! 10 years 5 months ago #31706

  • alicein
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Did you all miss the things this parent did and that they said she is improving? Or did ya miss that because you don't like the mode or method with which that was achieved?

Sandy, I'm sorry you missed that with your mom. Maybe I have way more medical prowess then I think I do. I've been in that situation at least a handful of times and haven't had any trouble using my judgement and I've never been wrong (with and elderly person and a child). Nonetheless, you guys are way off base. I trust this parent to get whatever care they feel this child needs and is appropriate and any insinuation otherwise on your part is wrong.

Erica, I'd say the same thing about any doctor treating any person on this board - ignorant. Including yours. It goes both ways honey. Don't mess with me. It will get ugly, and you will lose.
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