Facts over Fear: COVID-19 & ITP Town Hall - Video Clips

Listed below are video clips excerpted from the live Facts over Fear: COVID-19 & ITP Town Hall. Click on the title of the video clip you would like to watch.

  • What is COVID-19 antibody testing?

  • Can COVID-19 be transmitted through IVIG?

  • Are splenectomized patients at greater risk for complications?

  • If fever develops, what immediate actions should be taken?

  • Can patients minimize clinic visits for blood draws or treatments?

  • Should patients receiving injections switch to another treatment?

  • What is the correlation between symptoms and platelet counts?

  • Will COVID-19 drop platelet counts?

  • How can patients stay safe when blood testing is necessary?

  • Are ITP patients at higher risk for COVID-19 complications?

  • What are UK recommendations for taking prophylactic antibiotics?

  • Are ITP patients in remission at risk of ITP returning with COVID-19 infection?

  • Is there a greater risk of bleeding or pulmonary hemorrhage with low platelet counts?

  • Is hydroxychloroquine safe for ITP patients?

  • What is a cytokine storm?

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