October 14th, 2 - 6 pm
Oskar Blues Brewery Taproom
10420 Metric Blvd Ste 150
Austin, TX 78758

My name is Isabel Suarez and last year my mother was admitted to the hospital due to being newly diagnosed with immune thrombocytopenia (ITP). This was the first time either one of us ever heard of the autoimmune condition of ITP. We quickly learned that because this condition is so rare, there was little medical research known about it. It became a difficult challenge to find treatment solutions as the doctors, medical staff, and we were all stumped as to how to treat my mother to get her healthy again. Through this time feelings of uncertainty and fear were felt all around. As time went on, doctors all worked hard through this complex case of my mother with ITP.

Thankfully, my mother made a full recovery and is healthy! My mother’s experience in the hospital led us to both know we wanted to do something to help bring awareness to ITP and to help further families who may encounter medical challenges with it. I am a musician and college student in Austin Texas, I instantly knew how I wanted to help shine a light on ITP. That's when I created the "Amplify Awareness of ITP Benefit Concert". A fundraising event with the mission to raise awareness for the autoimmune condition ITP, using music to connect people with a cause. During my mother's time in the hospital, I spent many nights right by her side as she fought her battle. On the nights when I wasn't there, she would watch a video of me performing a song she loved me to sing. We didn't know what was going to happen with my mother and her ITP battle, we weren’t guaranteed she was going to be okay, but with music, we both held on to hope through these challenging times. Now we are honored to have the opportunity to help bring awareness to ITP. Instead of watching me on video in a hospital bed, my mom will watch me on stage performing, and we both are forever thankful that is how our story with ITP will end. Together, we will introduce people to ITP and amplify a push for medical research, treatment options, and overall support for those who will encounter this autoimmune condition.